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Reiki is a hands on technique applied though clothing and is complete treatment to the body and head. It is Japanese in origin and works with the energetic anatomy of the basic model from Oriental medicine.  As the approach  is fundamenatlly energetic it is non-invasive and suitable for all.  It can be beneficial for anxiety issues, depression, grief and other similar emotional upsets, helping to restore a sense of well-being, relaxation and ease; as well as offering methods to focus on certain physical ailments. Treatments can be stand alone or a series of 3 or 5 sessions at the clients discretion. 


The Reiki treatments can be followed by sound vibrational therapy using singing bowls to take the client into a deeper relaxation if needed. Or supplemented with integrated massage techniques (through clothes) including gentle joint releasing techniques and stretches. 



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Kate Hall

Kate has studied the Five Elements system for a number of years, including Reiki and Shiatsu, Macrobiotics and Meridian Therapies. This has always been a foundation for her interest and training in Chinese Martial Arts and she has used the Five Elements system to learn more about the body and the world around us generally, as well as employing it as a model of working practice.

She began to study the therapeutic uses of sound and vibration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2005; including techniques with voice, quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls and gongs. As a musician, she now uses sound in group and one to one sessions as well as musical performances, and 'creative sound immersion' sessions where listeners are invited to use the time to make, sew, draw, think, read or just relax.

Kate has also trained as a Hatha yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Technician working with Panchakarma (5 Actions for detoxification), including yoga and meditation at clinics in the UK and abroad. She teachs regular weekly classes and runs workshops combining some or all of the above.

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