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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the opportunity to take charge of your own health in a way that may provide freedom from pain and illness and give the physical and mental vitality for living.
For your body and mind to function at its best you need to be nourished with the correct balance of nutrients. Changes in the way that food is produced means that what we eat does not always contain the nutrients necessary for optimum health and in some cases the food you eat can actually damage your health and well-being.
The pressure of modern living also means that you can’t take the time to think about what and how you eat. Faster lifestyles, greater stress, and higher pollution levels all contribute to the toxic load placed on both body and mind.
Nutritional therapy aims to address these issues and the accompanying nutritional deficiencies through:
· Changes in diet
· Use of nutritional supplements
· lifestyle and exercise strategies
The Consultation
Prior to consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire. This is used to assess which factors may be contributing to your health problems.
The consultation takes between 60-75 mins. During the consultation you will discuss your health problems and your consultant will explain what factors may be causing your problems and what areas of your diet and lifestyle need attention. You will receive:
· Information relevant to your symptoms
· Advice on diet, lifestyle and exercise
· A personalised nutritional supplement programme
· Information on tests available including thyroid, allergy and candida
Follow up consultations take 30-40 mins and usually happen 6-8 weeks after the initial consultation. The consultant is available by telephone and email for any concerns in between time. One consultation and one follow up may be all that is necessary.

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