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The Bowen Technique

A remarkably simple hands-on healing technique devised and pioneered in Australia over a period of time and named after its creator Tom Bowen. There is no pulling, cracking of joints, no needles or manipulation of hard tissue involved in the technique. It is a totally unique, non invasive holistic therapy. The treatment is almost all-embracing in its effectiveness.
The ultimate result - in addition to pain relief, patients report heightened levels of energy and releasing and balancing of emotions and improvement of symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome and other organic conditions.


The Treatment - What it involves

The consultation/treatment lasts between 45-60 minutes. A detailed medical history is taken. The patient will then be examined and, when possible, asked to lie on a bed or treatment couch. However, the patient can be treated sitting, standing etc. if necessary.
The practitioner makes a series of light rolling moves using thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body. The patient will sense a firm but gentle pressure being applied, but this is not painful.
The treatment is performed whilst fully clothed
The moves disturb the muscles, soft tissue and energy of the body. Following each set of moves the patient will be left alone in the treatment room, to rest and relax. This is an important part of the treatment, as it allows the body to respond to the move and make subtle adjustments which initiate the healing process.
A gentle, yet deeply penetrating and deceptively simple soft tissue manipulation technique.
(indeed, during the first treatment patients often question whether such a gentle move can have any effect - The Answer - It has to be experienced to be believed).


How many treatments will you need?

To experience the benefits of Bowen we recommend between 3-6 regular treatments. However, each individual case is monitored and assessed during the treatment course and according to the patient's progress.
Longer term injuries may require a prolonged course of treatment.

Who will benefit from Bowen?

Men, Women and children from 0-100 years. Everyone can benefit from Bowen. The treatment can be tailored to treat the individuals needs, and if in doubt the practitioner will refer the patient to their GP.

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